Replica 1 & My Mimeo 1

I know, i have built AMIGA and COMMODORE computers but my heart will be alwayse with two young technician who made the first personal computer thank you to have inspired me!
It can seems strange but otherwise than building computers i start learning programming with an Apple one BASIC Manual from 76'.


My Idols Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs!

Do you Think i like only Apple And Amiga?! oh you lose!
I like Microsoft for his BASIC the first programming language from Bill Gates, DOS and Windows.
I like Also every flavor of linux OS thank you to Linus Torvalds!
It's hard to explains all the OS i like and i have tried!

My Replica of an Apple 1 made by Mike Willegal and putted inside a briefcase like the oldies and tested by me. This is a perfect Clone of the first Apple made by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. 

The famous Apple I in a replica of Vince Briel, the first historian of the Apple Computer created the first in the bedroom of Wozniak and then also in the garage of Jobs today is invaluable. For the few lucky (and wealthy) who can trace a rare specimen, the acquisition cost exceeds that of a utilitarian car. For this reason and to safeguard the historical memory of the computers that were several years ago an enterprising Vince Briel created the Apple 1 replica, a faithful reconstruction of the first Apple computer made ​​of components still available, selling for $ 149 in kit form, not more than 100 euros, a price much more affordable for mere mortals of the original. While coming complete with motherboard, assembly instructions and all components, the assembly of the Replica 1 may pose problems for those passionate about Apple and although retrocomputing not familiar with soldering irons and componentistica.Ricordiamo Apple 1 Replica is an authorized reproduction of the first Apple personal computer.