The beautiful console designed by Michael Krampus, a platform complete with all the tools to get started, based on an Arduino board, with the size of a game controller, with typical directional control buttons and a function button.The system is also equipped with two RCA connectors for audio and video, so that it can be connected directly to the TV. The technical specifications of the card includes a microcontroller ATmega328 with the Arduino bootloader, two analog outputs for mono audio and video in black and white, with a resolution of 136x96 pixels.The fact of being based on Arduino technology allows the use of its development environment, and thanks to the library Arduino TVout for video, and a detailed section for the development, the realization of historical games including Space Invaders or Pong will be smoother.The variety of game controller connected to the console is wide: with small changes to the card can be connected, for example, the Wii Nunchuk controller or a paddle controllers, and their programming is simplified thanks to the library supplied.More details on the implementation can be seen on the developer's website, where there is also a video of the two games preloaded demo ..
Here are some Photos of the Console assembled by me.

Some Videos and games photos of  Hackvision in action.