Apple //e Raspberry Pi Paper Case RETROCHALLENGE 2016/10

Work in progress from October for retrochallenge 2016/10.
In my Retrochallenge entry. i want evolve my invention, the Apple //e Raspberry pi in paper case and make it running with my Basic and Scentific calculators for Apple II i have programmed in this retrochallenge.

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A new video About my Apple //e Raspberry pi Clone in paper case running Appleworks II i have programmed:

I have made an overclock of 900 mhz to the machine to have a more fast loading time like you can see in the video, there is also some game playing and the voice of Steve Jobs!!!! Enjoy

Apple //e Raspberry pi Clone Running Apple II Desktop OS:

A new video, My Apple //e Clone running Apple //e Presents from 1982 software:

Day 25, i was not sure to arrive at this point with a working Apple //e Clone as real as possible to the real one but i'm! I have hided the Kernel bootup inside Raspbian using a little trick: i have changed the line "console=tty1" to
"console=tty9 loglevel=3" moving the messages to another console entering the sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt in terminal and saveing it. it's possible to see the konsole text by pressing Ctrl Alt F9. Enjoy the video:

7 Days to go and i have modified Linapple to be ready to program in Basic without problems, i'm sorry to have removed that nice interface that boot up in linapple after pressing F2 that says HELLO I'M GLAD TO MEET YOU MY FRIEND ETC.... but i want the machine as similar as possible to the real Apple //e made by WOZ and JOBS i done this makeing  LIST of Applesoft basic and removing line by line the code and saveing the state. Now it's possible to program without problems and it seems a real Apple //e at boot leaving apart the booting of the Raspbian kernel! News Are arriving really soon!!!! Enjoy the video:

Retrochallenge 2016/10 is more than 3/4 gone, so way not try another project with my Apple //e Raspberry pi Clone. You know Apple II has a soundcard called Mockingboard
 to be able to play and compose sound it was a piece of a card, so why not try to make work the Mockingboard demo in my Clone?! And here we are Demo loaded and successfully played also with my little piano performance enjoy the video:

I have moved a "NEXT step, mouse integrated" with this Apple //e clone, it boot Apple //e at startup but now pressing F10 you come inside the Graphical gui and here is possible to load a fully working Apple IIgs emulator in full screen like an old Apple IIgs machine, i made this in style of ROM 0 upgrade kit motherboard for the Apple //e that was released by apple, but in my machine it's still possible to use the original Apple //e system near the Apple IIgs system. This is a very nice setup enjoy my video:

I have removed the Splashscreen of linapple to have a more realistic Apple //e experience look at the video:

My next step was showing my Apple //e Raspberry Pi running Kegs emulator like if in a real Apple //e was added an Apple IIgs card. I made this using my distro and entering the MacApple GUI then starting the Kegs emulator.

This is a short video:

A short video of the Apple //e Raspberry pi running The Traditional Apple II Scientific Calculator.

A video of the Apple ][ Scientific Calculator Running in my Apple //e Raspberry Pi in paper case with four trigonometric functions.

Here the first two Scentific Functions running in my Apple //e Raspberry Pi in paper case Computer.

Wasting time in my retrochallenge 2016/10 i have built with some paper a printer and glue this cute Apple II model:

I have made also the Apple 1 mini paper replika:

I made it in WOZ Style!!! it's 1977 and after the first invention from Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, Apple produce a new complete home computer. Today after less or more 40 years i have made a reincarnation of an Apple //e with a Raspberry Pi b+ (or 2b, because this script works only with Raspbian Wheezy) a video converter, some cables, a paper box i have cut and built, my Macapple distro and an emulator "linapple" by Andrey Tzar made starting up at bootup in Fullscreen by me modyfing a Linux command line in MacApple a porting made by me of Raspple II by

This is the script i have made: open a Terminal window in MacApple, write sudo nano /etc/rc.local and type return, go down to the page until you find "exit 0" and above this line (not deleting it but above the line) write sudo linapple /usr/local/linapple/linapple , press ctrl - X and the job is done.

I have setup an old b/w television and an analog speaker to make it similar to the original setup.It works also with an hdmi color monitor and now in VGA mode!!! Let's see the attached videos that are Galaxian and Matrix for Apple II running compiled by me in a .dsk file!

I tested the computer with case closed for one full week right now and i had no burn and no freeze to the system. Everything works fine.

    An image of the work completed:

A photograph of Apple //e Raspberry Pi in paper box with my writing in Easywriter from Captn Crunch:

A video of the machine Booting up latest update:

Loading and Playing Galaxian:

Matrix Apple //e:

This is a picture how i have connected the Raspberry Pi to VGA Monitor and Analog Speakers:

Modifications i have made are:
I have setup the system to boot linapple at startup in fullscreen entering the gui with login without id and password (linapple is the emulator of the Apple //e) i have made this opening a terminal window and writing sudo raspi-config, then i have select boot directly to gui without login.
 The Keybord layout was setup to Italian but Linapple needs an English (US) keyboard so i have setup the keyboard layout from the internalisation option in sudo raspi-config from the textual interface in English (US) now the keyboard woks perfectly with my new rewritten layout. 

I have setup the machine with a modest Overclock (800mhz) and tested it for one entire week (testing still in progress) i have no freeze and no burn to the system.

I have made a try if it's possible to save to a formatted or blank disk image and YES it's possible!!!! i saved a HELLO WORLD loop in this machine,and a little example of artificial intelligence. 

 I have remapped the fisical keyboard for Linapple layout by hands first with some tape and a black pen:

After i have changed keyboard with a new one alwayse Italian layout (this is what i have available)
I have taken an A4 paper and written all the 22 replacing key for Linapple layout with a black pen then i have cut them the right measure and glue in the keyboard here the photo:

This is less or more the Final Release of the keyboard layout:

I have removed some imperfection to the paper case adding some package paper to the frontal and half lateral sides, now it seems more perfect:

I added a reinforce tube to the upper case to make possible to easly put over a Monitor or TV not so heavy:

 This is how it make the joke with a 17" lcd display:

Here with green screen like Early Days!

I have removed the plastic case from the vga converter and the Raspberry pi and hot glued everything and adjusted the cables:

I have added copper heatsink over the chip of VGA converter and the raspberry pi processor to not have overheating. I have noticed a little heating over the VGA chip so i have added this, the Raspberry CPU is overclocked so it needs a heatsink:

After some hours open i have found a overheating that dont cause freeze or artifact but i preferred to added some more heatsink over the two chips of the VGA converter:

After some hours or days of work also the Raspberry's ethernet chip overheat so i have added another copper heatsink:

A desiccant pillow added to the inside of the machine to preserve its integrity:

This is a small video of the Apple //e Raspberry pi playing Apple Galaxian after adding the heatsinks to the whole board:

The retro well ordered:

I have added the name to machine Apple //e pi like you can see in the two photos:

I have added some graphics to the upper case.

Thinkings: It's possible to Fiberglass the paper case to have a more perfect and stable surface:

These are two photos of my Apple //e Raspberry pi running the Calculator i have programmed in Applesoft Basic and the notepad i have programmed:

These are some photos of my Apple //e in a paper case at the first stage , it can be easly adapted to a real Apple // case and connected to an original keyboard with a retroconnector interface.

The Full setup Running Galaxian from Atarisoft!!!! A Classic:

Some Tests: it's running Flapple in Demo mode:


I had some question if this machine can catch fire, "every machine can catch fire if you pik it up!" but it is coated paper a patent from 1938 that is flameproof and waterproof. So overheating dont cause it.

| .___________________. |==| 
| | .................               | | |               
| | ::::Apple ][e:::::         | | |        
| | :::::::::::::::::               | | |               
| | :::::::::::::::::               | | |
| | :::::::::::::::::               | | |
| | :::::::::::::::::               | | |
| | :::::::::::::::::              | | ,|
| !___________________! |(c|
/ \                                        \
/ [][][][][][][][][][][][][] \          \ 
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