Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Apple //e To iiGS Raspberry pi Distro How to Install.

This is an How to Install the Operating System inside your Micro Secure Digital:
The Image is based on Raspbian Wheezy and dont work on Raspberry B3.
1)Use WinRAR to uncompress it from the archive. Download WinRAR from here!
2) Use Win32DiskImager to Install the image inside the Micro Secure Digital selecting the image from the folder image and the Micro Secure Digital from the drive letter and press write, let it fill inside the image and after this insert the Micro SD inside the Raspberry pi Win32DiskImager Download

To start the Apple iigs Operative System

1)These are the commands to use it, press F10 when linapple blackscreen is booted then write at the login id:pi and pass:apple 2 write at the next linux prompt gsport and return, to exit the GS click shutdown on the menu and after press Alt F4 on the keyboard. To close the computer write sudo shutdown -h now at the prompt.
Enjoy your new Apple iis!

To Start Apple //e

1)leave the Raspberry pi load the black screen until you see the arrow on the screen and then press F2 then SHIFT F2 then F2 again to go inside Applesoft (here you can program in Applesoft Basic, press F3 to choose a program to load and then F2 to restart the machine.

To Go inside the MacApple Desktop

1)At the loaded black screen of linapple press F10 and at the linux prompt write the login id :pi
pass: apple2 at the next prompt write startx to start the MacApple desktop, here you can add your Apple ii programs and games in your Apple ii folder inside the desktop to find them in the apple ii menu of programs and games with F3 in linapple. You can download them with the browser from internet or copy them from an usb stick.


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